Diffusers have one of the most important functions in air management; to control the pattern of the airflow into an occupied space. Our diffusers are designed by an experienced staff of engineers that use the latest technology to test our products within current industry standards. Several Titus diffusers are also GreenSpec Listed to help achieve LEED certification.

Terminal Units

Titus offers several types of units to match the many styles of mechanical systems used in buildings. Additionally, our terminal units are available with options that control sound for quieter systems and special surface treatments that help ensure higher air quality levels for healthcare facilities like hospitals or high-tech manufacturing. Some Titus terminal units are GreenSpec Listed and can assist in achieving LEED certification.


Titus grilles are designed by a skilled engineering staff using the latest technology and are tested by the most current industry standards and methods. Grilles typically direct air out of a duct nearly the same size as the opening. Titus offers a wide variety of grilles to ensure flexibility for architects and engineers.

Displacement Ventilation

Displacement Ventilation is a great alternative to conventional overhead ceiling supply systems. Displacement ventilation provides design flexibility, energy savings, and the highest level of indoor air quality (IAQ). The higher supply temperature and smaller air handler/system can generate energy savings. Also, the addition of more free cooling days from bringing outside air in contributes toward energy savings.

Chilled Beams

Chilled Beams are designed to provide energy savings, excellent comfort and operate with minimal noise. When used with dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) and a dedicated Chilled Beam chiller, chilled beam systems can realize energy savings of 15-20%. An additional 20-25% savings can be realized from downsized ventilation systems due to the high efficiency of the water system for the sensible load.

Under Floor

UFAD systems utilize the space under an access floor as an air plenum. Properly designed UFAD systems take advantage of thermal stratification. The key to successful underfloor systems is the ability of the underfloor diffuser to rapidly mix room air into the supply air at low velocities.

VAV Diffusers

Titus brings both accuracy and flexibility to the variable air volume (VAV) market with T3SQ VAV diffusers. The T3SQ combines the functions of a VAV terminal and a high performance diffuser in one. The T3SQ modulates the air volume delivered to a zone to accurately control cooling and heating conditions. The unique variable geometry design results in maximum air distribution effectiveness at any air flow, for superior comfort conditions. The T3SQ is also a GreenSpec Listed product and can contribute toward achieving LEED credits.

Fan Coils

Titus fan coils are the clear choice in the industry. They are designed and engineered for a wide range of applications including: apartments and condominiums, hotels, motels, schools and universities, hospitals and nursing homes. The accessories associated with controlling fan coil units can contribute toward energy savings and offer wireless innovative ways for unit control.

Blower Coils

Titus horizontal and vertical belt drive blower coils offer a wide range of application flexibility, while maintaining a simple, easy to install unit design. These units are intended to provide comfort cooling and heating within a small footprint. They may be applied in many types of building structures including schools, office buildings, hospitals, condominiums, assisted living facilities, apartments and stores. Applications can be constant or variable volume.

Air Handlers

Small air handlers, sometimes referred to as blower coils, are intended for common areas and large meeting rooms in hotels, condominiums, universities and hospitals. These products are natural companions to Titus fan coils, yet air handlers supply greater airflow and coil capacity. With a wide variety of options and standard features, Titus air handlers provide design flexibility with belt-driven fans, multi-row coil capability and various factory options.


Altra-Air / Whalepower product line features a new concept blade for use in warehouse, agriculture, and production facilities.


The 10' diameter Jazz fan. This exciting new HVLS fan product is ideal for nearly any commercial application including retail, hotels, schools, bowling alleys, fitness facilities, auto dealers...the list is virtually endless. Available in virtually any custom color, this fan is about more than airflow and energy savings...it is art!

VES Enviro

The versatile High Velocity "Poly" housing fan for industrial, warehouse, and agriculture air re-circulation and cooling pivots up to 180 degrees .