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All our prestigious products are the highest quality in out market and had been supported for twenty (20) years with our own factory trained personnel.

We invite you to visit our web pages and see for yourself our variety of products that are available to satisfy any of your needs.

Our Mission

Continue offering our customers a high quality product and service to meet or exceed their expectations and desires at a price they can afford. Conduct our business in a honest and ethical manner, and consistently work towards continuous professional and personal improvement-being the best in all that we do- so that as we grow we will provide for the prosperity, well being, and long term security of all of those associated with TECHNICAL.

To be recognize as professional experts in our market and industry.

Company Profile

On February 12, 1979, Mr. Emiliano Santiago incorporated Technical Distributors, Inc. and Technical Maintenance & Service Corp. , among the Commonwealth Laws of Puerto Rico.  By 1991 the third company, Technical Power Service, Inc., was incorporated, fulfilling the area of the electrical service for Liebert® Corp., company which we have a liaison since the beginning.  Our newest company, Technical Network Power, Inc., launched on 2006 and counts with great growth expectations because it provides a solution to a well quoted industry, the Telecommunications.

The purpose of Technical Distributors, Inc. (TDI) is to represent and distribute mechanical and electrical equipments such as air conditioning, ventilation, pumps, and boilers, but our major purpose is to design and develop computer rooms, which includes raised floors, racks, UPS, surge suppressors, among others.

Technical Maintenance & Service Corp. (TMS) dedicate its efforts in offering installation, service and maintenance to the air conditioning system, island wide.  They become the exclusive service provider for Liebert® A/C equipments.  Also they offer start ups to all mechanical equipments sold by Technical Distributors, Inc..   

Meanwhile, Technical Power Service (TPS) satisfies the increasing demand of UPS and precision air, offering exclusive service for Liebert® UPS equipment. 

The objective of Technical Network Power, Inc. (TNP), is to be in charge of design, sales, service, maintenance and commissioning of DC power products and Outside Cabinets, in an exclusively manner for Emerson Network Power.  Because Emerson Network Power is the company umbrella of Liebert Corp., our agreements are well sustain in all aspects with this international corporation. 

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 Our first office was established with five employees, at San Patricio area.  Being there for five years gave us the potential to sustain growth and to move to bigger facilities, this time on Las Palmas Avenue, Cataño.  Non-stop growths have distinguished us among our competitors and keep us in an avant-guard attitude.  After almost 10 years established in Cataño and because of the business growth, the third movement was done in 1992.  This time we buy a 1 ½ plot of land with a 9000ft² office building and 8000ft² warehouse at Lomas Verdes Avenue, Guaynabo.  Not satisfied with this, we are planning to build a 3-floor-office building, in order to be more comfortable with our 50 employees and the ones to come.


Our well prepared Service Team offer a truly 24hrs/7days service, prepared to assist our clients in the precise moment of necessity.  Our service team is composed of mechanical and electrical technicians fully capacitated, with equipped company vehicles, ready to solve any inconvenient.  We are the only computer room protection supplier that has exclusive service companies to attend customer’s needs without subcontracting or requesting service assistance from the United States. 


Technical has been under the same management since the beginning, permitting to avoid administrative changes that may leave you out of the loop.  In addition, our sales department is composed of well prepared electrical and mechanical engineers, and experimented salesmen, with the necessary knowledge to define and satisfy customer’s needs.  We offer our technicians and engineers the opportunity to attend training courses, offered by our suppliers.  These technical up-to-date seminars are focused on today’s issues and work directly with the new products development.